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B2C self-service can help reduce hold times, extend customer service hours to 24/7, and answer customer's inquiries without ever needing to speak to an agent. Learn more about how NLX can help your brand today.
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Staffing challenges and long hold times continuously plague the customer support industry, resulting in diminished customer satisfaction and brand loyalty - ultimately, a hit to the bottom line. 

Previously, efforts to automate conversations were time-consuming, expensive, and occasionally even more frustrating for the customer… Until now. 

Conversations by NLX is a Conversational AI platform that helps businesses transform their customer contact into automated, personalized customer self-service experiences. 

NLX's advanced technology powers voice, chat, and multimodal (two or more modalities like voice, text, image, etc.), omnichannel self-service experiences that enrich the customer interaction, augment existing automated resolution infrastructure, and contain the inquiry within the conversation flow (unless escalation is needed).

NLX is industry-agnostic because delivering satisfying customer service should be an integral part of every business. Our platform, Conversations by NLX, can be used to automate a wide variety of B2C customer inquiries, including password reset, manage flight, schedule appointment, cancel booking, place order, order status, FAQs, and so much more! NLX’s customer self-service experience frees up agent time to handle more complex customer inquiries, reducing wait times and delivering a more satisfying experience. 

This is in line with what customers want and expect of customer service. The Harvard Business Review found that corporate leaders dramatically overestimate the extent to which their customers actually want to talk to them… But our data show that customers today are statistically indifferent about this — they value self-service just as much as using the phone. And guess what? By and large, this indifference holds regardless of their age, demographic, issue type, or urgency.” 

NLX’s pay-as-you-go pricing offers brands the most cost-effective solution for creating, managing, and analyzing all of your automated, personalized self-service customer experiences in one convenient, no-code platform. Additionally, our usage-based pricing scales alongside your business’ customer demand, so you only pay for what you use. 

The no-code platform makes it easy for technical and non-technical team members to artfully collaborate, create, and manage customer self-service experiences while using built-in analytics to finesse conversations. There’s no need to hire a third party or a team of ten to spend months making changes or doing integrations because Conversations by NLX makes it easy to integrate with virtually anything. 

Easy integrations with your systems of record allow businesses to personalize the customer experience, which can increase customer satisfaction and automation rates. In fact, Salesforce found that around 50% of consumers ignore communications that aren’t personalized to them.

Conversations by NLX works alongside AWS products and services like Amazon Connect, Amazon Pinpoint, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB, which are the same applications that businesses already know, use, and trust. And to add to that trust, NLX is System and Organizations Control (SOC) 2 Type II and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliant. 

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