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The Showroom

Experience best-in-class automated, multimodal personalized self-service
What to expect
The Showroom Experience

NLX's multimodal, chat, and voice capabilities are demonstrated via The Showroom, an interactive multimodal experience that puts you in the end-user's shoes! The Showroom is personalized and live so YOU can truly experience what end-to-end automated conversations look like on a fully qualified AI platform.

Not ready to experience The Showroom for yourself just yet? Watch our multimodal airline manage flight experience (video to the right or here).

Multimodal Conversational AI
A new class of automated customer service

It's no longer practical for major brands to take a single-channel approach to automated customer service. Brands need synchronized omnichannel support!

NLX's advanced technology and platform power a multimodal (two or more modalities like voice, text, image, etc.), multichannel self-service experience that enriches the customer interaction, augments your existing automated resolution infrastructure, and contains the inquiry to the conversation flow (unless escalation is needed.)

With NLX, end-users seamlessly transition back-and-forth from chat, to voice, to multimodal, friction-free while experiencing continuous engagement as they would with a live agent.

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The Showroom

What is The Showroom?

The Showroom is an interactive multimodal experience that puts you in the customer's shoes, allowing you to experience what best-in-class personalized self-service looks like in various use cases. Test drive what end-to-end automated customer multimodal conversations look like on a fully qualified Conversational AI platform, illustrated through use cases like manage flight, replace card, password reset, and school absence. The Showroom is the ultimate demonstration of Conversations by NLX, your gateway into the NLX ecosystem that provides access to our applications, unified billing, and user management.

How do I signup?

Sign up to begin creating Conversations by NLX through the AWS Marketplace by clicking the button below.

What's the cost for signing up?

NLX's and AWS' pay-as-you-go business model means you only pay for what you use. You can begin designing your conversations for free on the NLX platform, and only pay when you begin sending traffic to the flow.

How is billing handled?

Billing is centralized for all apps through Conversations By NLX using the AWS Marketplace or through monthly invoices, depending on your volume and preference.

Is the platform secure?

Yes. NLX's technology platform is SOC 2 compliant. We follow industry best practices for handling, storing, and processing data. We also employ industry best practices to provide access control to our software and systems.

What are you data sharing policies?

We do not and will not share your data with any other party. Routinely, we analyze anonymized data sets solely for the purpose of improving our service. For a full list of terms and policies, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.