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What is NLX

NLX is a SaaS-based company that allows brands a platform to build, manage, and analyze automated conversations.

Businesses use the platform - Conversations by NLX - to shift the power to the end user to self-service inquiries at their own pace - with no wait time or frustration - through the voice, chat, and/or synchronized multichannel (multimodal) mediums of their choosing.

Common use cases include automated for internal conversations (like gate change, flight schedule change, staff schedule update, onboarding, etc.) and external conversations (like upgrade seat, flight change communication, manage booking, check-in, cancel reservation, place order, room service, points amount, wheelchair requests, FAQs, etc.)

Featured Use Case
Flight Management Self-Service

Using the Conversations by NLX platform, Ntaris Airlines was able to build out automated, personalized conversations to empower passengers to upgrade flight, check-in, or cancel flight. The video to the right showcases how Ntaris Air used NLX's multimodal (two or more synchronized channels) capabilities to support a more engaging, personalized seat upgrade request self-service experience.

Test Ntaris' live, personalized, interactive travel experience for yourself today via The Showroom!

Case Study
Copa Airlines

Prior to the pandemic, Compañía Panameña de Aviación (Copa Airlines) used email to communicate flight disruptions with its passengers. This worked well until COVID-19 drove up the number of flight disruptions from 1,000 to 50,000+ disruptions per month (4900% increase).

Learn how Copa Airlines uses Conversations by NLX to inform 50,000+ passengers of flight changes in less than ten minutes, or check out how they inform crew members of flight disruptions.

Copa Airlines IT Manager for Commercial Solutions at Copa Airlines, Irene Pascal

“This was all done just with a simple few clicks on the platform, no coding. We were very very surprised by how easy it was to set up.”

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