NLX Welcomes Elaine Anzaldo

Elaine Anzaldo joins NLX as a Conversational UX Designer

Doug Bryers

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NLX welcomes Elaine Anzaldo as a Conversational UX Designer specializing on NLX Voice Compass while also providing Conversation Design support across the range of NLX Conversational AI offerings. Elaine also brings strengths in Data Annotation, Spanish Translation and cross-functional Account Management that will enable her to work broadly with clients as well as the NLX technical team.

Elaine will create value for NLX and our clients by converting feedback and user-data into adaptive and successful iterations of Voice Compass. She will be working in a collaborative, cross-team setting with NLX engineering, data analytics, UX/UI design, and other teams.

Elaine's background and personal attributes are what the NLX team noticed early on. She has done projects at market-leading technology companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook. She also spent time at the Cambio Center of the University of Missouri where she honed her language translation and copywriting skills. These skills became a foundation to what would eventually become her passion in Conversation Design. Elaine wanted to capitalize on the emerging paths of voice technology and the ongoing need for language understanding.

Elaine explains, "It simply blew my mind that there was an actual career devoted to making machines talk to humans more fluently. I couldn’t believe people worked on this all day! I couldn’t help but daydream about creating my own conversational flows."

Her passion led Elaine to develop formal credentials and broader experience in Conversation Design, including placing in the Top 3 with her team at the August 2020 VoiceDevs Designathon. These experiences reinforced her core understanding for Conversation Design: users come first.

"We were delighted to have Elaine reach out to us when we opened up the Conversation Designer position", says NLX CEO and co-founder Andrei Papancea. "Beyond her formal skills, her obvious strengths and self-motivation combined with an established pattern of team leadership that gave us high confidence she would be a key hire. Her Conversation Design philosophy aligns perfectly with ours, which is to put the user at the heart of the experience."

Elaine has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biological Sciences from University of Missouri at Columbia and an Advanced Conversational Experience Design Certificate from Voice Tech Global. She is an active member of Women in Voice Silicon Valley and the Conversational Collective. Elaine started with NLX on Feb 16, 2021.

Doug Bryers

As COO, Doug is responsible for business and marketing strategies as well as aligning NLX products with emerging market opportunities.

As a seasoned Executive, he has helped build companies and market innovative products and services for software and technology firms since 1995. Doug has participated in more than a dozen startups for US, New Zealand & Australia technology companies - successfully exiting to companies such as Intel, Sony Entertainment and Demand Media, as well as an IPO for DocuSign.

Doug loves being around compelling innovation that can spark change in the world and to create the teams that can help make it happen.

He holds a Business Degree in Marketing from the Queensland University of Technology.